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La Foire de Canton a ouvert un Pavillon d'importation

        Dans le but de mieux développer l'importation et d'accroître l'exportation, aussi d'harmoniser le commerce extérieur et intérieur, la Foire de Canton a remplacé son nom par La Foire d'exportation et d'importation en Chine depuis la 101ème session en 2007. Elle a ouvert un nouveau pavillon de 10,000 m², nommé le Pavillon International, installé au premier étage du 21 Hall à Pazhou. La Foire invite chaleureusement les exposants étrangers à y participer. Les sociétés intéressées peuvent se renseigner sur le site Internet de la Foire : , et trouver plus d'informations dans l'annexe (avec une version anglaise) ci-jointe.


   Organizing Proposal for International Pavilion of the 101st Session of China Import and Export Fair Worked Out

Newly Added 10,000 sqm for International Pavilion


   The reporter learned from China Foreign Trade Centre (CFTC) that the Organizing Proposal for International Pavilion of the 101st Session of China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) has been approved by the Ministry of Commerce and its operation is now tensely ongoing. The initial International Pavilion will be located in the exhibition hall on the 2nd floor of Hall 21 of Pazhou Complex and the exhibition space will exceed 10,000 sqm.


   According to the person-in-charge of CFTC, the 101st Canton Fair will be held in two phases in Liuhua Complex and Pazhou Complex at the same time from 15-30, April, 2007.


   Textiles & Garments and Medicines & Health Products will be shown in Liuhua Complex while Industrial Products will be shown and International Pavilion will be initiated in Pazhou Complex in Phase¢?from 15-20, April. Gifts will be shown in Liuhua Complex and Consumer Goods will be shown in Pazhou Complex in Phase¢ò from 25-30, April. The exhibition scale, schedule and pattern of the original 5 categories of exhibits in 34 exhibition sections remain basically the same.


   The person-in-charge of CFTC said, on the Opening & Celebration Ceremony of the 100th Session of Chinese Export Commodities Fair, Mr. Wen Jiabao, Premier of China's State Council, announced that, with a view to expanding import, increasing export as well as pushing coordinated and balanced development in trade, Chinese government determined to change its name of Chinese Export Commodities Fair into China Import and Export Fair starting from the 101st session. The rename of the Canton Fair adapts to the new circumstances of China's opening up to the outside world, as well as meets the need of development of both China's foreign trade and the Canton Fair itself.


   With newly added International Pavilion, the Canton Fair welcomes the overseas exhibitors and provides a good platform for the quality overseas products to enter Chinese market. It will improve the capability of self-innovation and expand the import of advanced technology, key equipment and spare parts as China is opening wider to the outside world. Moreover, it is beneficial for further optimizing the structure of import and export and promoting the trade balance. With a view to promote mutual development and win-win cooperation of Chinese and foreign enterprises, China, as a responsible trading power, has demonstrated to the world by encouraging import that she opens her market to the outside world while she explores the international market.


   It is said that, in order to implement the Chinese government's decisions, the 101st Canton Fair will set up an International Pavilion from 15-20 April, 2007 in 21.2 exhibition hall of Pazhou Complex, with gross exhibition space of 10,400 sqm. The exhibits mainly cover 2 categories including Industrial Products and Consumer Goods, accordingly, Machinery and Equipment, Electronics and IT Products and Household Electrical Appliance, High-Tech, Hardware and Tools, Building Materials and Kitchen and Sanitary equipment, Articles of Daily Use, Decorations and Gifts, Jewelry, Foodstuffs and Agricultural Products. The above mentioned exhibition sections are set up according to exhibits' categories. The Canton Fair welcomes exhibits from all over the world, including products meeting the demand of Chinese market, hi-tech products which are beneficial for long-term development of Chinese economy and optimization of industrial structure, machinery and electronic products which are of complementary advantage with their counterparts in China, energy-conservation and environmental protection products which have to be procured cross country (border) by government, and products from countries or regions which have trade deficits with China. Enterprises, legally registered in countries and regions outside mainland China, with exhibits covered by the "Categories of China Import and Export Fair (International Pavilion)", can apply for participation. The recruitment of exhibitors of International Pavilion will be operated on a market-value basis, which entrusts agents to recruit overseas exhibitors and permits individual overseas enterprises to make applications directly. CFTC will choose the key important industrial and commercial organizations both at home and abroad as the agents. In the meantime, overseas enterprises willing to participate in the Fair are also welcome to apply to CFTC directly. The rate for raw space of International Pavilion is 3,000 RMB per sqm, and one standard stand of 9 sqm is 30,000 RMB. Considering that it is the very first time for the Canton Fair to set up International Pavilion and to show that the Chinese government welcomes overseas enterprises to explore the Chinese market, the Fair will offer free stands to exhibitors from the 50 least developed countries and regions listed by the United Nations and give 25% discount to enterprises from other countries and regions.


   It is said that the setting up of International Pavilion has been welcomed by overseas enterprises. At present, government agencies, industrial and commercial organizations of some countries and regions have expressed their willingness to organize local enterprises to participate in the Fair. Canton Fair sincerely welcomes overseas industrial and commercial organizations and enterprises willing to act as our agents to contact with us. For participation procedure, participation time and detailed contact method please refer to the Canton Fair official website:


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